Mariam Massage

the Massage session

Intake massage session
First we talk about your preferences. I come from a holistic approach: body and mind are one and they influence each other. Do you want to become more aware of the underlying emotions that cause tension and do you want to land more inside your body? A massage can be a good support to a therapeutic process.

Or are you simply looking for relaxation?
A massage helps you to get back into balance.
A foot massage can be part of a session. Especially for the “thinkers” amongst us a foot massage works very relieving.

The massage focuses on influencing the energy flow in your body in a positive way:

  • If you feel burned out, then the massage focuses more on replenishing your lack of energy.
  • If you feel tired and with low energy, then the massage focuses more on moving the blocked energy.
  • If you have no complaints, then receiving a massage can simply allow you to really enjoy being touched and deeply relaxing.

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