Mariam Massage


Practice Massage Therapy Mariam Massage
Mariam Lo Fo Wong Delfgauw (Delft)

In the Practice for Massage Therapy Mariam Massage you are welcome for massage and therapy, massage during pregnancy, as well as massage and deep relaxation. The awareness is increasing that it is important to take good care of yourself by eating healthy food, exercising your body and relaxing regularly.

A good massage gives you deep relaxation and sustains a good health. At the Practice Massage Delfgauw women are welcome who want to restore the balance between their work, their family and especially their own well being.

Unconsciously we keep emotions and stress locked inside our body. By receiving a massage we allow ourselves the space to let go of these energy blocks.
Massage Delfgauw, close to Delft, Berkel en Rodenrijs, Pijnacker, Nootdorp and The Hague Ypenburg.

As a natural healer I am affiliated to a professional society “beroepsvereniging VBAG”.